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Agent Jones
Physical description

187 cm

Eye color


Chronlogical information

The Matrix


Agent Jones was an Agent who was a cohort of Agents Brown and Smith.

Jones assisted in the interrogation of Morpheus with his fellow Agents. When Neo and Trinity attempted to rescue Morpheus from the government building where Morpheus was held, Jones materialized in the body of a chopper pilot who was desperately calling for backup. Jones used his extreme speed to dodge Neo's bullets, but failed to kill Neo, who was similarly able to avoid fatal wounds. Trinity shot Jones through the head at close range, saving Neo but merely sending Jones into the body of the nearest SWAT officer.

Jones, like the other two Agents, was again temporarily slain when Neo blasted away with a chopper-mounted minigun. He failed to kill Neo and was not seen again following the events of the original movie. It is possible that he was deleted and replaced by the Upgraded Agents, or, conceivably, was upgraded himself to become Thompson, Jackson, or Johnson.

Behind the scenes Edit

He was played by Robert Taylor.


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