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Agent Thompson
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Chronlogical information

Thompson was an Agent who was a cohort of Johnson and Jackson.


Captains' MeetingEdit


The upgraded agents (from Left to Right): Agent Thompson, Johnson and Jackson.

Thompson, along with Jackson and Johnson, intruded the meeting and fights Neo. However, with Neo having the powers of the One, he easily defeats the Agents.

Burly BrawlEdit

  • Thompson:You.
  • Smith:Yes me [Smith begins to copy himself on Thompson] me me me...
  • Thompson\Smith:Me too.

Smith and Thompson

After taking possesion of a Blue Pill who was witnessing the fight between the many Smiths and Neo, he is almost immediately confronted by a Smith, and says "You!", which to Smith starts to copy over the Bluepill. Once Thompson is taken over and is another Smith, the two Smiths join the fight and Agent Thompson appears to have been destroyed. However, though Smith did copy over the Bluepill that Thompson had taken over, he did not actually copy over Thompson's own code, so Thompson is actually still alive in the system.

Freeway ChaseEdit

Thompson and Jackson chases Trinity to the freeway to stop the Keymaker. After Trinity escapes, the two inform Johnson of where the Keymaker is.

Attempting to kill TrinityEdit

Thompson and Jackson tried to kill Trinity in the building. When she jumps off the building, Thompson jumps to kill Trinity, which he succeeds by shooting a bullet to her heart. Neo manages to save Trinity and Thompson crashes into a car.


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