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Battle of Enarc


Battle of Kashyyyk

Battle of New Plympto
Battle of New Plympto Imp era

Great Jedi Purge


19 BBY


Half-Axe Pass, New Plympto


Imperial victory

  • Many stormtroopers
  • At least several vehicles

They killed them all. Every last…

Bomo Greenbark, Star Wars Dark Times: The Path to Nowhere

The Battle of New Plympto began immediately after the end of the Clone Wars.


Having discovered the destruction of the Jedi Order by the newly-established Galactic Empire, Jedi Master Dass Jennir returned to New Plympto to lead the Nosaurian separatists against the Imperial forces who had threatened them with retaliation.

One month of fightingEdit

Fighting on New Plympto

Last stand at Half-Axe Pass.

The fighting lasted for a month, with ambushes on Imperial armored columns and heavy guerrilla warfare. Eventually, Palpatine ordered the 501st Legion to invade the world. There they worked closely with light tank units to put down the revolt.

The Nosaurians' last stand was at the Battle of Half-Axe Pass, where the remnants of their army attempted to cover for their families who were being evacuated off-planet, by holding off the approaching stormtroopers at Half-Axe Pass. Fortifying themselves on the hillside, the Nosaurians held off the troops, using frequent hit and run attacks, until TX-130T fighter tanks arrived.

While the tanks opened fire on the defenders and made their way towards the fortifications, Dass Jennir and Bomo Greenbark made their way to a tree near the first tank. Cutting it down with his lightsaber, Jennir managed to destroy the first tank in line, and ordered his troops to withdraw to the crest of the hill.

Clone Commander Vill, the 501st's on-planet commanding officer, didn't fall for the same trick twice and opened fire on Jennir's position. Both he and Greenbark fell into a hole which the blast had uncovered, losing consciousness until hours after the battle had ended.


We surrender!

Nosaurian rebel, Star Wars Dark Times 1
Massacre of New Plympto

The 501st executes Nosaurian survivors.

Top-side, the surviving Nosaurian fighters attempted to surrender to the Imperial forces. However, they were summarily executed by the stormtroopers of the 501st. Their families were captured before they could enter the main spaceport and were scheduled for transportation to Orvax IV to be slaves.



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