The term bluepill is defined as a human that is not aware of the true nature of the Matrix. Bluepills are typically humans whose bodies and minds remain semi-permanently connected to the power plant.

The term is also synonymous with "coppertop" (a reference to the "Duracell" brand of disposable chemical batteries and an inference to a pod-human's primary use: power generation for the Machines).


The reset program.

The term gets its name from the color of one of two virtual pills offered by a hovercraft operative (who has rematerialized inside the Matrix as an avatar) to a human still living out a life within the Matrix. If the human chooses to continue their life within the Matrix, the virtual blue pill presumably contains a reset command that sends the human back to his home to continue his existence within the Matrix, and completely forget anything about the conversation.

Of all of Zion's inhabitants, only humans who are born within the Matrix can become operatives that can reenter the Matrix, as they have the headjack that allows their minds to be retransmitted back into the Matrix's broadcast network.

The opposite of a Bluepill is a Redpill.