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  • Protect the Matrix
  • Keep the Resistance contained
Chronlogical information

Johnson was an Agent who was a cohort of Thompson and Jackson. Johnson is the leader of the Upgraded Agents.

Captains' MeetingEdit

Johnson, along with his other Agents, have intruded the Crisis Meeting, which the other captains are forced to leave. Neo fights Johnson and discovered that he, along with his Agents, are upgraded since he can block Neo's attacks. Even though the Agents are upgraded, Neo manages to beat the three.

Freeway ChaseEdit

Police car

In an attempt to kill Trinity, Morpheus, and the Keymaker, Agents Jackson and Johnson took possession of two police officers and join the chase. Johnson hops to the car Morpheus, Trinity, and the Keymaker are in to stop them, however Johnson is thrown off of it. Not too long after, he is informed about where Morpheous and the Keymaker are, and he immediatly jumps to the semitrailer Morpheus is on and starts a brawl. Morpheus tries to defeat Johnson, but since Johnson was an upgraded Agent, it was virtually impossible for Morpheus to even get a scratch on him. This being said, Johnson easily defeats Morpheus and knocks him off of the top of the truck, but Niobe drives up to Morpheus and saves him.

After this battle, Johnson assumed that Morpheus was dead, and informs the Keymaker that he is no longer necessary to the Matrix and was about to delete him; then Morpheus gets back on the truck and kicks Johnson off of the truck into an oncoming car. Johnson possesses the driver of the semitrailer that Morpheus and the Keymaker are on. Jackson took control of another, oncoming truck to ram Johnson's semi in an attempt to kill Morpheus and the Keymaker, who are still on top of Johnson's truck. However, Neo manages to fly in save them in the last minute.

Nuclear Power PlantEdit

Johnson, along with his Agents, tried to stop Niobe and Ghost from blowing up the power plant. Ghost fought off Johnson and was electrocuted by a damaged and sparkling computer server.

Behind the ScenesEdit

He was played by Daniel Bernhardt who also starred in the mocked B-movie Future War.

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