Kibh Jeen
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181 BBY

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Kibh Jeen was a male Jedi Padawan.


In 188 BBY, Padawan Kibh Jeen and his Master, Qornah, were sent to the planet Almas, to research the Sith fortress there. Qornah piloted the shuttle to the surface of the planet, giving no thoughts to any possible failure and confident that Jeen would soon take his trials. Jeen was however tempted by the dark side presence of the fortress, vainly tried to overcome it, and succumbed to it. Falling to the dark side of the Force, Jeen murdered his Master when Qornah was busy probing the fortress. Jeen then entered the fortress.[1]

Months later, Jeen re-appared as a dark side agent, planning to take over the Cularin system and destroy the Jedi Council. Jeen made the pirates of the Cularin system his army of mind-controlled slaves, based on the Cularin Belt, and began the Dark Jedi Conflict. He first ordered his minions to sabotage a local power plant, and later attacked and destroyed several of the floating cities of nearby planet Genarius, killing thousands of people. The guerrilla tactics allowed him to avoid the Cularin inhabitants's counter-attack. However, although Jeen was satisfied, a part of him that had not fully succumbed to the dark side was still suffering.[1]

Jeen was one of the first to know that the Sith had survived the Battle of Ruusan and now hid under the Rule of Two. Not many Jedi listened to his mad ranting, however, as the Jedi would not totally see this as true until 149 years after his death.

Seeing Jeen as too dangerous to be left alive, the Jedi Council sent a Jedi Knight and her Padawan to hunt down and kill him. The Jedi organized the Cularin companies and directed them with the Force. The Cularin fleet destroyed the pirate fleet in a space battle, but Jeen chose not to escape. The ending of the Dark Jedi Conflict in the Cularin system was brought about by Jeen's death in 181 BBY. It is unclear whether he believed he could personally kill the Jedi, or his conscience was looking for a way out.[1]

After Jeen's death, the Jedi decided to build a Jedi academy in Almas, to counter the Sith fortress's effects and to watch over it, despite non believing, at the time, of the Sith Order's survival. Jenn's tale was re-counted to the students yearly, and eventually acted in a drama (with a master performing Jheen), in the Ritual Tale of Kibh Jeen.[1]

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