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Declaration of a New Order


Imperial Charter

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De facto leader

Fel dynasty

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Imperial Knights

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Fel Empire

Date of establishment

130 ABY


Legacy era

I am, by right of birth and choice, your true Emperor! Not this Sith usuper, Krayt! It is to me that you all owe your allegiance

Roan Fel, Star Wars Legacy 3: Broken, Part 3

The Empire-in-exile,[1] also known as the "true" Empire[2] and the New Order with a Personal Face, was the faction of the former Fel Empire that still remained loyal to Emperor Roan Fel, following the Sith coup in 130 ABY.[1]


As the Sith-Imperial War came to an end, Roan Fel was poised to establish his government on Coruscant. After a few days, the leader of the One Sith, Darth Krayt, arrived with Lords Nihl, Wyyrlok and Maladi and revealed their deception to Emperor Fel, killing his double, and seizing the throne for himself.[3]

The real Emperor Fel escaped the assassination attempt, fled to Bastion and formed a government-in-exile to rule the former Imperial Space.[3] Over the next seven years, more and more Imperial military units defected to his territory and his administration even attempted to form an alliance with the Galactic Alliance Remnant, though the meeting was sabotaged by Jor Torlin and Morrigan Corde, agents of the Sith Empire. As a result, Stazi still didn't trust any Imperial and Fel's men were not allowed on the Wheel.[4]

The Empire planted three sets of bombs onboard the new Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious, which would explode the moment the weapon systems were activated. But they didn't anticipate Stazi's plan to "liberate" the starship. Imperial Knights Sigel Dare and Treis Sinde, the saboteurs, were dispatched to bring Monia Gahan back to Stazi to disarm the bombs. But to show their good faith, on Monia's suggestion, they rescued the rest of the Mon Calamari members captured after the battle. Due to this display of good faith and the beginning of genocide against the Mon Calamarians, Admiral Gar Stazi agreed to discuss a possible alliance with Fel in order to fight their common enemy.

Later, Stazi had to hold the coalition together, and to make sure that the Imperials can't lower themselves to the tactics employed by the Sith.



Notes and referencesEdit

Preceded by
Confederation/Jedi Coalition/Alliance-in-exile
Major rebellion movements
(alongside Galactic Alliance Remnant)

130 ABY137 ABY
Succeeded by

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