For the use of D-Day as a general military term, see D-Day (military term).
Operation Neptune
Part of Operation Overlord, Battle of Normandy
Operation Neptune, June 1944
Landing operations off the coast of Normandy, June 1944
Date June 6,1944
Location Normandy, France coast and adjacent waters
Result Allied victory
Allied beachhead in Normandy, France
US flag 48 stars United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Canada 1921 Canada
Flag of Free France 1940-1944 Free France
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Germany 1933 Germany
US flag 48 stars Dwight D. Eisenhower
Flag of the United Kingdom Bernard Law Montgomery
US flag 48 stars Omar Bradley
Flag of the United Kingdom Trafford Leigh-Mallory
Flag of the United Kingdom Arthur Tedder
Flag of the United Kingdom Miles Dempsey
Flag of the United Kingdom Bertram Ramsay
Flag of Germany 1933 Erwin Rommel
Flag of Germany 1933 Gerd von Rundstedt
Flag of Germany 1933 Friedrich Dollmann
156,001 380,000
Casualties and losses
Total allied casualties (killed, wounded, missing, or captured) are estimated at approximately 10,000.
These comprised:[1][2]
United States–6,603, of which 1,465 fatal.
United Kingdom–2,700.
Canada–1,074, of which 359 fatal.
Between 4,000 and 9,000 dead, wounded, or captured