Operation Overlord
Part of World War II
NormandySupply edit
Tank landing ships unloading supplies on Omaha Beach, building up for the breakout from Normandy.
Date 6 June – 30 August 1944
Location Normandy, France
Result Decisive Allied strategic victory
Western Allies Flag of Germany 1933 Germany
US flag 48 stars Dwight Eisenhower
(Supreme Allied Commander)
Flag of the United Kingdom Arthur Tedder (Deputy Supreme Allied Commander)
Flag of the United Kingdom Bernard Montgomery (Ground Forces Commander in Chief)
Flag of the United Kingdom Trafford Leigh-Mallory (Air Commander in Chief)
Flag of the United Kingdom Bertram Ramsay (Naval Commander in Chief)
Flag of Germany 1933 Gerd von Rundstedt (Oberbefehlshaber West)
Flag of Germany 1933 Erwin Rommel (Heeresgruppe B)
1,452,000 (by 25 July)[1]
2,052,299 (by 21 August, in northern France alone)[2]
380,000 (by 23 July)[3] – 1,000,000+(spread over France)[nb 1]

2,200[4] – ~2,300 tanks and assault guns[5]

Casualties and losses
226,386 casualties[nb 2]
4,101 planes[8]

~4,000 tanks[9]

209,875[nb 3] – 450,000 casualties[nb 4]

2,127 planes[10]
~2,200 tanks and assault guns[nb 5]

France: 19,860 civilians killed[11]

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