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Attention needed referencing and coverage and supporting materials
Requested articles 
Courtai_OffensiveBattle_of_the_SelleBattle of the ArgesulBattle of DunajetzBattle_of_La_BasséeBattle_of_Messines_(1914)Battle_of_ArmentièresBattle of KaheBattle of DodomaBattle of the DrinaBattle of MkalamoBattle of LukiguraBattle of MatamondoBattle of WamiBattle of KilosaBattle of MlaliBattle of MorogoroBattle of KidodiBattle of DutumiBattle of KisakiBattle of NjinjoBattle_of_Es_SinnBattle of KimbarambaBattle of Kibata (1916)Battles of ÇanakkaleBattle of BehobehoBattle of Kibata (1917)Battle of MpotonaBattle of UteteBattle of NambanjeBattle of Jebel HamlinBattle of Kiawe BridgeBattle of RumboBattle of ScarpeBattle of NarungombeBattle of MahiwaBattle of NyangaoBombardment of SamogneuxGilbert ClaytonLeopold Freiherr von HauerAlexander Freiherr von KrobatinBattle_of_Sheikh_Sa'adBattle_of_the_WadiBattle_of_HannaBattle_of_Dujaila_RedoubtBattle_of_Jebel_HamlinBattle_of_IstabulatSrem offensive (1914);
Expansion needed 
Robert Nivelle (this article is on hold concerning a GA review, and additional editors are required to expand the scope of it) • Battle_of_Albert_(1914)Battle_of_Arras_(1914)Second_Battle_of_KutSamarrah_OffensiveBattle_of_RamadiBattle_of_SharqatThird_Battle_of_the_IsonzoBattle of Cambrai (1918)Second_Battle_of_the_IsonzoFifth_Battle_of_the_IsonzoSeventh_Battle_of_the_IsonzoNinth_Battle_of_the_IsonzoTenth_Battle_of_the_IsonzoBattle of Heligoland BlightBattle of CaporettoOperation Marne-RheimsDemilitarisation
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