Battle of Fort Nowhere

Three of the Seven Dark Jedi: Boc Aseca, Sariss, and Yun, commanding the Battle of Fort Nowhere. his quest for the Valley of the Jedi, Jerec assembled an unsavory gang of Dark Jedi loyal to his cause, or at least as greedy as he was for the fabled powers of the Valley.

Journal of Qu Rahn, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II#Game manual

The Seven Dark Jedi was an unofficial name for Jerec and his six Dark Jedi companions, who were intent on locating the Valley of the Jedi and exploiting it for their own dark purposes. All except Yun were killed by Kyle Katarn, who spared Yun's life after having defeated him in a lightsaber duel in the administrative tower of Barons Hed. Yun, however, would die a short time later by the hand of Sariss after saving Kyle's life.

The SevenEdit




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My name is Jerec. I am a servant of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor.

Jerec, Galaxy of Fear: Spore

Jerec, former Jedi Master, Inquisitor, and ruthless leader of the Seven Dark Jedi, was extremely powerful in the Force and posed one of the biggest threats to the galaxy since the death of Palpatine.




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Template:Qlisten Sariss, daughter of Lord Cronal and second-in-command to Jerec, she considered herself Jerec's primary apprentice, was a coldblooded killer and dangerous warrior who mastered most aspects of lightsaber combat.

Boc AsecaEdit

File:Boc jk.jpg
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Template:Qlisten Boc Aseca the Crude, personification of insanity and master of his own bizarre version of Jar'Kai dual blade lightsaber combat, was truly ruthless and enjoyed inflicting pain and suffering onto others.




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Template:Qlisten Maw, a former Jedi Shadow turned into a dark side killing machine by Jerec, was embodied pure anger, rage, and hatred, and developed his own version of the dangerous type of Trispzest lightsaber combat

The "Twins"Edit

File:Pic lightsaber.jpg
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Template:Qlisten Picaroon C. Boodle and Gorc were known as the Brothers of the Sith. Boodle's wits and tactical sense combined with Gorc's brutal strength made the two were nearly invincible.




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Template:Qlisten Yun was the youngest and least experienced of the Seven Dark Jedi. Eager to prove his worth to Sariss, whom he considered his mentor, Yun was a deadly foe in combat.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Seven Dark Jedi, like Exar Kun, are some of the only dark side characters in the Star Wars universe who do not limit themselves to red lightsabers, perhaps because the continuity the game started to establish was not "mature" yet. Though Jerec and Maw use red sabers, they are the exceptions: Yun wields a yellow saber, Gorc and Pic wield orange ones, Boc wields purple ones, and Sariss wields a blue one.


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