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Theol Drost was an officer in the Imperial Army.

High Colonel Drost had been assigned to Picutorion alongside Commodore Bevven, and was in command of the Imperial troops during the Battle of Picutorion.

Theol Drost

General Drost

During the battle, ISB agent Mar Barezz talked with Bevven and Drost about two presumed Alliance sympathizers, Captain Ganig and Sergeant Stecker. Barezz suggested that Ganig and Stecker were going to defect to the Alliance. Thus, they should not be allowed to survive after the battle.

Both Stecker and Ganig were "sacrificed" during the battle.

Drost was later found serving under Grand Admiral Thrawn with the rank of General. Thrawn placed Drost in command of the shipyards at Bilbringi.

In 9 ABY during his command, Mazzic and Ellor infiltrated the shipyards, annihilated a half-finished Star Destroyer and managed to run away. Drost had become complacent, and though Thrawn was angry with him, the Grand Admiral decided that the terrorist action would at least temporarily cure him of complancency, and chose not to execute the General, giving Drost one last chance to prove his loyalty to the Empire.

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